So I got my Memory Toy back from a tech the other day, with everything working. I plug it in tonight and it seemed fine. All of a sudden, I hear a massive pop and then renders it to have no sound coming out, anyone know what's going on here? Is it my PSU?

Gonna try with a battery tomorrow when the stores open.

It's also True Bypass, if that means anything.
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What was wrong with the Memory Toy when the tech had it? The Memory Toy/Boy/Deluxe Boy have had many consistency & reliability problems. My guess would be the true bypass switch died, if it works on battery than maybe the PSU had wrong polarity causing the protection diode(if it has one) to fry.

If you have been having issues multiple times with the Toy then I'd recommend getting rid of it & finding either a carbon copy delay or the garagetone axle grease delay(this one is digital but you can't make out until you get it to self oscillate).