I play drums in a metal band but have recently started writing my own songs through guitar pro.

This is my first song ever shown online, so any C&C would be appreciated
Thanks guys
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The beginning of the song is really nice and powerful, I love the chugging. After the song really kicks off, it becomes a tad confusing, I just feel that it's a little bit too repetitive, but that is easily fixed with a great vocal track clearly not possible in GP format. The whole middle section is pretty good imo, really nothing outstanding, but then the part that kicks in at about bar 87 I think is nice and intense, I like the panicky feel. At bar 97 there comes another tasty chugging part, I like it. The fade out at the end is nice, pretty standard way to end a song.

Excellent job for your first song, even if it is first shown online. Please take no offense, but the guitar work is extraordinary for a drummer, really nice riffs

If you want to C4C, feel free to https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1638861