This is the third, and last song off our EP titled "Path of Destruction". We recorded and mixed everything ourselves.

We're a mix of Thrash and Metalcore. This is easily the most Thrash oriented song, not just on our EP, but probably out of all 10-11 songs in our set. There's a new one that might be closer to the true old school version of Thrash, but this one is just much more brutal.

I do full C4C's regardless of the genre. If you give me an extremely detailed review, I will do so as well. If you give me a 5 word review, you can expect the same

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Thanks for listening and giving critiques. I guess after we package this up as an official EP I'll make a band thread for us, or even submit the EP for a review on hear. I saw the thread awhile back that does this.

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My apologies. It appears that I posted a shitty link. New one up now
cool stuff dude..

so first off, when i heard Field of Terror... love the into... some melodic death metal stuff going in there... nice! also lot of different influences throughout the track as well.. bit of death here, bit of thrash there.. but of mdm here n there... almost sounds like a thrashier in flames...

also quite enjoyed the grooves on Raid and More Than Blood... but the intros of both the tracks sounded a bit too similar to me... almost kinda like an extension of the song kinda thing.. but yeah overall energetic riffing...

but one thing... the performance is a bit all over the place in terms of tightness... every now and then on all the tracks, it seems as though the instruments go outta sync with each other.. so might wanna pay a bit more attention to that...

but yeah apart from that nice!

im actually a producer/engineer... would love to try have a go at mixing Field of Terror, if you guys are cool with it... got some samples on the profile (latest one is the Hollow Ground track) anyways let me know... and yeah stay brutal! \m/