So I search for a song and all I can find is a tab made for chords. I look at it and I see the lyrics of the song with the chords to play above the lyrics. But how do I play it that's great to know the chords buy no one ever post a strum pattern. I just don't understand do I just strum the chord once when that part comes? Or am I just supposed to experiment with strumming? Its very frustrating. And other songs that I know are finger picked all I see is chord tabs what am I supposed to do.
Hi The chords placed above the lyrics are showing when the chord change is to be made- on those specific words in the song. If you're looking up a song that is unfamiliar to you, it would be virtually impossible to know how to play it with just the chords for the song. But if you look that song up on youtube say, and then play along with the song you'll be able to get the strumming/timing down. It's easiest to just strum to the beat. You can do all down strums until you're comfortable with the chord changes and then add 'up, down, ups' before each chord change and then just progress from there. Soon it will all 'click'