Is there any way I can wire a pUsh/pull pot to turn off my emg pickups? I use a wireless and it gets kind of a annoying unplugging and leaving the cord handing.
I would assume you can do it with a push-pull or push-push pot, but a toggle switch would be safer.

Either way, all you do is wire the switch in series after the battery and before the jack so one way the connection to the battery is made, and the other way the connection isn't made. It's not the smartest way, but it works.

On a push-pull, this would mean the battery connects to either the top or bottom lug (either side), you then wire the middle lug directly under that to the jack or buss (depends which EMG system you have; either way, wherever the battery normally connects to) and then the bottom or top lug is left bare or go to ground (it's been a while since I last did this, I forget which).
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