Hey! I'm looking for a boost similar to the analogman king of tone. I would prefer it to have multiple boost and overdrive options at the click of a pedal.

What fuzzes do you recommend similar to a russian green big muff but with a mid option!?

How do you go along setting your phaser/tremelo up? Do you worry about being on tempo or just get a cool sound?

Recommend a phaser, tremelo, wah, fuzz, volume, and boost/overdrive combo!

No budget, Indie rock


Edit: I guess i meant more along the lines of: Is there a pedal that can do multiple distortions almost like a delay pedal can have presets? thanks.
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I'm not aware of any pedal that does more than one distortion at a time but the Fulltone Fulldrive MOSTEF 2 has an additional boost function which gives it a nice lift. Just try experimenting with pedals at the guitar store or find ones with good reviews and just mix and match. A pedal is different for each guitar and amp.
Blackout Effectors Musket is a great Big Muff with a mid control. I believe it's based on the Civil War Russian Muff.

I've never really worried about getting my effects to match tempo. I just sort of set them the way I think sounds the best and play along to it.

For multiple boost/od options in a pedal:
Zvex Double Box of Rock (or just the Box of Rock)
T-Rex Mudhoney II

I've always liked the older USA Small Stones as a phaser. MXR Phase 45, 90, 100 are all good options for pretty cheap too. More expensive ones that I would recommend might be the Red Witch Moon or Blackout Effectors Sibling.
For flexible OD/Distortion pedals on a modest budget, I'd look for a used Visual Sound Double Trouble (discontinued):


...or Jekyll & Hyde:

For a bit more $, consider the Red Witch Famulus:

On the Fuzz front, I currently have a used Russian Big Muff, and I'm planning on trying something else this year. 2 candidates are the Catalinbread Persus Octave Fuzz:

...and the Red Witch Fuzz God:

I was contemplating an Earthquaker Devices Zap City, but they are sold out AFAIK. Perhaps I'll get lucky in the future used market...
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