I will periodically update this thread as I move along with this new practice regiment I am developing. If there are any questions, comments, concerns, or complaints, I will be happy to discuss them.

Tomorrow (posted at 9:44pm mountain time zone), April 1st 2014 (no, this is not a joke), I shall begin the first day of the first series of the first phase of the first cycle of the first ascension through The Guitar Shaman Regiment.

The Regiment is the sunlit path, paved with rolling sheets of molten gold. My guitar is the axis mundi, the bridge between worlds. I shall learn all I can as the initiate, and in 3-6 years after devotional learning, my initiation ceremony shall come in the form of my first séance.

There is much I have to say regarding my mystical beliefs with the guitar and my interpretations of shamanism (as I have learned from a wonderful book by Eliade called "Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy"). Also, there is a tremendous amount of technical detail I could talk about for those of you who are actually reading through this garbage concerning the specific things I am learning.

For now, I will provide the basics...........

This practice regiment is dedicated to all the transcendental guitarists who may one day inspire other souls to explore new worlds through their own work or through the mindful interpretation of another’s.

In order to express mystical transcendence with the guitar, the guitarist must undergo many years of dedicated practice to strive for perfection in his or her technique of evocation. Countless practice routines exist for teaching a broad array of different musical styles and for meeting certain goals. None exist, however, that systematically train the guitarist’s mind, body, and soul to assimilate musical knowledge into an extremely individualized voice with the single purpose of treating a musical session as a shamanic séance. I, at this stage in my life as a guitarist, have developed the following guitar practice regiment as a way to achieve my own musical aspirations. If the goals of transcending time and space with your guitar, using the guitar as a tool of expression for summoning incantations of the ultimate beyond, and performing such music as a channeling seer appeals to you, I warmly encourage you to continue along this path.

A system of repetition and increasing complexity will characterize how you progress through the regiment. In general, the regiment’s movement can be summarized as first building the fundamental technique for the material, followed by subsequent stages of expanding upon this material and introducing ways to weave it together in increasing complexity and depth of expression. The learning procedure is very structured, and proceeds as followed:

- The Guitar Shaman Regiment consists of 5 phases.
- Each phase is a standalone learning period of 30 weeks.
- These 30 weeks are split into 5 individual 42-day lesson plans, called a series.
- The major themes of each series are repeated throughout each phase.
- When discussing “days” or “weeks”, I do not imply consecutive days. 1 day lessons may take 1 real day to 1 real week to complete. I expect one full movement through the regiment to take between 3 and 6 years.

Each individual 42-day lesson series is described in the following section. As the guitarist proceeds beyond one phase into another, the complexity of each series therein increases. The major themes of the following series descriptions do not change.

Series 1
- Move through the technical exercises.
- Move through each, scale, mode, chord, and arpeggio.
- Move through the basic progression forms.
Series 2
- Repeat the first series.
- Replace the chords with the next chord structure advancement.
Series 3
- Introduce progressing through prior material in respective keys through scale, mode, and arpeggio tone chords.
- Expand the progressions’ complexity.
Series 4
- Repeat the third series.
- Expand the progressions into scalar improvisational melodies with appropriate tonal chords.
Series 5
- Move through the advanced progressions incorporating movements through scale/mode/arpeggio tonal & atonal chords, expanding upon them in a structured while improvised, exploratory, and fractal nature. Transcend with, through, and beyond the harmonics into ultimate reality. Develop the ideas in Sonata form.

The guitarist will proceed through the phases and their constituent series in the following format:

Phase 1: Series 1,2,3,4,5
Phase 2: Series 3,3,3,4,5
Phase 3: Series 3,4,4,4,5
Phase 4: Series 4,4,4,5,5
Phase 5: Series 5,5,5,5,5…

As you may have noticed, the regiment repeats itself while simultaneously increasing in complexity. It begins with seemingly “mindless” drilling, yet the same patterns that may have seemed “mindless” are actually preparing the guitarist for the true nature of the regiment as it quickly abandons the fundamental first two series. It is also extremely important to remember and acknowledge that this regiment does not teach the memorization of scale shapes (chord positions, however, are drilled for some degree of muscle memorization). The goal throughout these series is to teach the intervallic relationships between frequencies available from the guitar, and to allow the guitarist to navigate the instrument with freedom from limiting notions of “what scale shape should I be playing?”
It is unlikely that the guitarist will proficiently have the ability to accomplish the goals of Series 5 during its introduction in Phase 1, or later. If anything, the guitarist will appreciate at that point what these series are trying to accomplish. In that respect, it is perfectly appropriate to move through all five series in order early in the regiment. Phase 1 is basically the overall material run-through. It will build the strength and willpower required to move through the later phases, which are the true heart of the regiment.
Phases 2 & 3 are concerned with teaching scale and mode tone relationships between their families of chords and parallel/relative movements. Just as Phase 1 teaches fundamental ability for the hands to make it through the later exercises, Phases 2 & 3 will teach the movements through scale modal systems and tonal/atonal chord sequences.
The ability to creatively and expressively navigate through the systematic harmonic incantations is developed during Phase 4. These techniques culminate into the movement through Phase 5, which can be viewed as the Shamanic Initiation. By the end of the fifth series of Phase 5, the guitarist should be able to evoke his or her spiritual will with the instrument.

Alright, well I guess I'll leave it at that for now. I will post more as it comes... and if there are any details as to what exact scales or chords or practice progression and rhythmic variants I will be covering, I can answer any specific questions you have.

Or I can answer it now:

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