I have a Vox SSC33series that I just bought on Saturday from Guitar Center Outlet. I played yesterday put it in a soft case with the pick. I took it out of the case and I have buzz now. I have severe buzz on the first fret of every string as well buzz down the fret board. What happened?
Store did no set it up. Had someone more talented then me play it before I did. Played on it Saturday and several hours on Sunday. Got it out of the case tonight and had fret buzz
It adjusted to the climate of your house.

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It adjusted to the climate of your house.

+3.1415 thats where i would put my chips down.

i live in FL and i like it cold in the winter here (obvious relatively mild) but i have one house i just don't heat, and now that the temp is going up i have about 10 guitars to reset up. four with floyds/ibanez trems
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Crap.....I haven't given the weather-effect effect much thought.

Makes perfect sense, though.

We are in the time of year now where the local weather can be in the 30's in the morning.....and in the 80's the end of the day.
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Sounds like you need to adjust your truss rod.


more specifically, it sounds like the truss rod needs to be loosened a little - I would recommend turning it counter-clockwise 1/8th of a full rotation and seeing if it stops buzzing in another 24 hours or so.
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if you have any problems or aren't sure, then check out the set up thread top of the page.

You;ll want to measure the relief first. so you know where the sweet spot is on that new guitar for future adjustments.
for example, does that guitar play best when there's a mediums pick's thickness at the middle?
or does it need more.

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