This is my Sons Guitar which I bought him to upgrade from a cruiser strat once he showed some interest and ability.
Of course once he had a decent guitar he lost all interest and it has sat in it's case for the last few years and he's decided to sell it.
The Guitar was made in China December 06 and is in fabulous un-gigged condition. There is one small mark on the rear lower edge and a rub mark on the finish on the top front edge of the headstock, but nothing else I have seen.
It is fitted with dunlop strap locks and includes a nice thick leather strap and a Thomann fitted hard case which is of the same age/condition. Otherwise the guitar is completely original.
Weight wise it's suitably light and I have fettled it like I would any of my own guitars. The action is low and the fingerboard edges lightly rolled. The P90s are quite responsive and the controls do work surprisingly well with a smooth action. It will have a set of brand new 9s fitted.
When I bought him the Guitar I worked for a large online distributor and so had access to plenty of stock. This one was selected by me.
It was offered to me an if I hadn't already got 6 electrics I would have taken it (it is that good) but I have all my tone bases covered these days.

The guitar is located in Suffolk and you are welcome to come and try it. If you want it delivered at your expense that can be arranged, it will be boxed and inside the case.

I don't see many of these available at the moment but used prices hover around £300 so we are asking that ONO.

Justin (the case)

The front

It needs a clean

The Chip (edge nearest the camera) The rest is dust.

The neck complete with greasy fingerprints

The action, note the set angle of the neck.

Headstock, there is a slight rub mark on the front edge but doesn't show in this pic.

Full frontal. The thick leather strap and hard case are included. There is a pocket tuner somewhere too and if he finds that it will go in the case.

I will take better detail photos if anyone requires it, just let me know. i don't pop in every day so don't be despondent if I don't shoot right back at you.