How do you guys go about learning songs?
I've been going through Appetite for Destruction song by song and perfecting the songs I already know and learning the rest by ear.

Im doing ok but keep getting stuck on the solos, mainly just being able to actually hear and figure out what's actually being played!
So do you guys learn the whole song by ear including the solo or just the rythm then come back to the solo?

I really wanna get a grip on my lead playing but i just dont "get" soloing.
When I used to learn songs " note for note", I would take on a few bars at a time. I would only move on to the next part once I mastered the previous part.

On the subject of solos. Slash is tricky because he has a very particular way of phrasing his faster lines. They're improvised, so it makes for a bit more of a challenge when trying to recreate it ( as opposed to a Metallica solo for example, which tends to be more structured ). The most useful approach is to get software that can slow down the tempo and remain in pitch - that way you can actually hear what he is playing and learn it. This is the approach that all transcribers use. Reaper software has a slider that allows you to slow down tempo and remain in pitch - check out the website for the demo. Drag and drop your song in the software, then right click the "rate" slider on the bottom center of the screen and select the "preserve pitch" option. Then drag the slider to slow down the music.
I learn the parts i want to learn. Sometimes i learn the whole song, sometimes only the solo, sometimes only a part of the solo, or sometimes i learn what another instrument is playing (playing keyboard/bass/drum parts on guitar).

If i am learning a song i do often take it part by part though, although it depends on the style. If it's a rock song like Guns 'n' Roses i can often learn it by parts, like the intro, then the verse etc. If it's something like a jazz tune or dream theater or anything like that i might have to do smaller chunks at a time and then piece them together.
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