Sorry if this is the wrong place to post but it includes guitar pedals. Ok, so I've been looking into running my vocals through guitar pedals for live use. I've read that distortion pedals can cause bad feedback when running a mic through it. Does this apply to distortion pedals only or could I get away with using delay/reverb/chorus/tremolo live? If so, how would I go about running the mic through the pedals and out to the mixer?
It happened to me with distortion, dunnow about other pedals but I suppose not.
The problem is that the signal coming from a mic isn't really made to be processed from that stuff so you might encounter some problems related to that.
I mean not big problems, it'll just not sound that good if you ask me, because of electrical stuff.

If you like the sound however, by any means use pedals.
Just get your passive mic and plug it straight into the fx with an xlr to 1/4" jack cable.
Then you go from the last pedal to any input on your mixer.
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