I can't seem to find a straight answer on this. But what is the body style of this guitar? I hear its not quite a dreadnought. I am trying to find a case for it and was wandering if I can just get a dreadnought guitar case. I use the case finder on musicians friend and it doesn't give me a option for a dreadnought case. What case will fit this the guitar. The right hand version on musicians friend comes with case but the lefty doesn't so if I can find the actual Yamaha case that the right hand one comes with that would be great
the FG720 IS a dread.

dreads don't always have the same exact dimensions, as some are deeper than others or have a longer headstock. if buying a fitted case, i usually contact the store i'm buying from and ask which cases will fit my specific guitar model or one can measure the guitar and compare to the listed interior measurements of the case. or you can roll the dice, assuming you're buying from a store that will let you return.
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Yamaha's are extra wide in the bottom bout. Like 16.25ish, there are some tighter dread cases that wont work.