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Hey fellow guitar nerds, this is my band Ghost Ship Octavius. We're trying to kickstart our debut album, which is going to feature the following guitarists: Jeff Loomis, Rusty Cooley, Per Nilsson, Mattias Eklundh, Chris Caffery, and of course, Matt Wicklund and myself

But it's important to note that the music comes first... We're not cramming a bunch of wanking into a small space at the cost of the songs themselves. If you want to hear a sample, check out our pre-production lyric video for 'Alive' :


The reason I wanted to post this here is so that I could reach out to you guys for our kickstarter campaign here:


If you pre-order the album, the funds go towards helping us create it... It's a win-win..

Anyways, let me know what you think. I hope you like it!