In January, I picked up a 2014 SGJ. I wasn't impressed with the guitar after putting some time on it, so I took it back. One thing I loved though was the neck. I found myself wishing my current guitar (A Godin Core) felt more like that SG. Soooo, I couldn't take it anymore and picked up a 2013 SG Standard. The store gave me one that hadn't even been out of the box yet. I compared it to the shelf model I tried earlierand it was bang on. Tried an ES 335 as well..... Almost walked out with two guitars. LOL.

Anyhow, here's a pic of the new beauty

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Oh man, nice SG. Always wanted a cherry standard. Never got around to getting one

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Fantastic!!! That is a beautiful guitar.

I've been GASing hard for an SG the past couple of years. Really want to buy one, but can't justify it and can't fit any more guitars in my small apartment.
Man I love SGs! Looks great, thanks for reigniting me GAS!
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I got to plug it into my home amp, which is a modest Fender mustang III, and those 57 classic pickups are a huge difference. I had been cursing the amp for a long time for what I thought was it's inability to play clean settings with clarity. These pickups really make a difference. I have a 'Sabbath' setting that I configured a while back. Well, I had to darken it up a bit more for these pickups, and when I did.... Wow!

The action was sitting at 2.4mm at the 12th fret when I measured it at home. Kinda high, but I noticed it had quite a bit of relief (0.013&ldquo. I guessing this isn't what the factory set it at, so I assume the climate change on its way up to Canada probably changed the neck bow. Gonna let it settle a couple days and see where it's at.
Awesome, looks beautiful! Solid addition to any collection!
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Congrats on the new SG. They're awesome and yeah, the neck is truly unique.

I got a 2013 Standard in White not too long ago... for me the red just reminds me of Angus Young too much, it almost feels like a signature to me, but for someone without that bias, it's definitely a beautiful guitar! Enjoy.
Wow! That's sweet. I somehow got an Sg special faded in brown for 1000$ with a hard case. Plays almost the same as a standard just sometimes the pickups feel crappy. But i wouldnt change it for anything!
Those guitars are an instant classic. HNGD!
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