Hi guys,

Quick question... I'm away from Uni at the moment and my amp is left at my accommodation. However, I do have hands on a Peavey XR696 mixing desk. I want to be able to play my guitar into my laptop and I'm wondering if the Mixer would help. This would be my setup...

Guitar -> Dist pedal -> Wah -> Mixing Desk -> Laptop.

I've managed to get a decent sound before by just going from the effect pedals, straight into the line in on laptop, but was wondering if the mixing desk would help. If so, how would I connect it up? Don't really understand all the connections. Help with this would be grand, thanks!

Also, there are two Peavey Impulse 1015 speakers with the Mixer. Would it be possible to have the sound coming out of these too at the same time as laptop. Or even just one at a time would be great. Would the speakers handle the distortion and stuff?

Any guidance would be appreciated thanks!!!
If the computer has a line in jack and the mixer has a line out you could get (or make yourself) an adapter.
The computer will probably have a stereo eigth inch jack in and the mixer will have two mono quarter inches output, so if you solve that you're all set.

To do that and that only the thing will work and it will also probably sound better than a cheap external audio interface.
Just make sure you don't use the powered outputs on the mixer or the mic input on the computer.
Ow yeah, and read the amp sims sticky because you'll need an amp sim if you wanna do that.
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