I'm stuck between a MH-1000FR a DV8-R for the same price of $550 & a M-300FR for $300. Any suggestions? I know playing them is the best test but hearing owners likes/dislikes is valuable as well plus the 300 is an hours drive away, the dv8-r is at a pawn shop and the mh-1000 is online so I cant really spend any quality time with any of them. I'm mostly wanting the best quality axe for the money and something fast for metal. I currently have an Ibanez RG4EXQM1 & a B.C. Rich Zombie NT NJ Series and want something of better sound & quality, Should I skip the M-300 all together and choose between the dv8-r & mh-1000 or is the m-300 good for the price? I'm still learning but want something that will satisfy me in years to come.

Opinions welcome!
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