This is sort of a needle in the haystack question. I bought a guitar that had bronze strings on it. I put some ej16's on and I hate them on this guitar. PB's just aren't going to do what I want.

I've measured the old strings and they are 11 15 25 33 43 53. I did some google machining and the only thing I could find that was close was some cleartone bronze 12 16 25 33 43 53. The ball ends on my strings are plain, but the cleartone website says they color their ends like d'adario does.

Does anyone have experience with these cleartones and remember if they're colored or not? I couldn't find any pics online. If they're not colored then I'll order them and just guess the previous owner replaced the bottom two strings.

Otherwise, does 11 15 25 33 43 53 ring a bell with anyone? Or maybe something close to those numbers.
Why not try a set of D'Addario EJ11? - 80/20 bronze with the same string diameters as the EJ16 PB.
The string gauges you're describing sound like a, "light top, heavy bottom", sort of affair.

But, that said, I don't know that string gauge is the issue that's bothering you.

"Custom light gauge" sets, usually run from .011 to .052. These are intended to give the player more ease of bending, while maintaining decent bass response.

You haven't really told us why the D'Addarios, "didn't do it for you".

Did you give them a chance to break in? Did you do a decent job of installing them? (Hey some string jobs come out better than others, personal experience).

If a dull tonality is the question, you should do as suggested and try putting "brass" (80/20 alloy) strings on the guitar to brighten it up.

There is a question of what any string maker is calling "bronze"! The 80/20 alloy many makers call "brass", could possibly also be referred to as, "bronze"! This is due to the fact that an 80% copper, 20% tin alloy, is commonly referred to as, "bell bronze".

So, you can see where an issue might arise in nomenclature.

Given those facts, you could be dealing with "bronze", versus "phosphor bronze".

If you want flaming bright, you might try a set of Fender coated lights:

These: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/fender-880cl-coated-80-20-bronze-acoustic-guitar-strings--custom-light or these, http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/fender-880l-coated-80-20-bronze-acoustic-guitar-strings--light

Those, (in light), came on my "Sonoran". It had sort of a Telecaster twang to it out of the box.

Keep in mind brass strings really sound like shit when they're first installed. PB sounds better out of the gate, but may be too mellow later in their life span.

One exception though, I use PB on every 12 string I own. Brass is unlistenable on them, at least to me. It's way too shrill.
I picked up some Earthwood Medium Lights today and I'm gonna wait until my new bridge pins come in the mail to put them on. Thanks for the help.