I have put 9's on the fender from 10's, and I Think I have it in tune? to my auto tuner thing, but only the low E string has got some tension on it, the others are pretty limp, but are all in tune to my tuner, is my tuner messing with me again (has done it b4 and snapped a string) Im asking as I don't want to break another sting (hate doing so and want to try out 9's)

9's are gonna feel lighter, thats just the way string gauges work, haha. I doubt your tuner is messed up but worst case, just take it to a guitar shop and ask for a full set up
They were very loose, that you could probably bend the high E up to the A string with ease.
I tried tightening them up and getting them to sound in line, and eventually got all 6 strings in tune, now I just gotta break them in a bit more... would help if I actually knew how to play guitar.
Are you sure you have them tuned to the proper octaves?

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Are you sure you have them tuned to the proper octaves?


if they feel totally different than the 9's were you could be an octave lower. it will be different but according to your post strings should rarely much better bending.

what does your trem look like? did you loosen or tighten any of the springs via screws in the trem cavity?
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For intonation?
My dad messed with that a long time ago, tho I don't think he really got anywhere.
Right now im wondering about fret buzz and action height, only strings G to Low E buzz when strum hard, and I think about every string on the 1st-5th fret have some kind of buzz, on the Low E I can sometimes get rid of buzz by pressing down pretty hard.
But on the 12th fret area, the action is quite higher then I would like. but wouldn't lowering the um trem set screws? cause more buzz?

The tremolo looks like well it has a whammy bar
6 screws then the action height adjusters that level with 2 set screws and those are connected to the intonation screws with springs on them, I think I can see 3 springs through the back cover. Its a Korean Stratocaster from the 80's I think. I wonder if its more money then I really think it is. (more money = even more care) tho its seen better days on the paint, and 2 longer screws for the jack.

Edit: I'm pretty sure I got the strings well in tune (- the intonation) as it sounds just like the 10's I had on before.

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If it's a stratocaster type trem, as long as the bridge isn't leaning up off the body of the guitar, you shouldn't have trouble with tuning stability.

The pairs of set screws on each saddle adjust the saddle height, but you also need to consider the truss rod and neck relief when adjusting the action.

To be honest, if you're relatively new to guitar tech work I recommend going to your local shop and having them show you a few things, possibly even pay them to set it up professionally and ask them to show you the basics. That will be a lot easier than trying to learn the basics off the internet.

You could also look up some youtube videos on how to set up a guitar and adjust the intonation and action.

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