I have been trying to get a good quality drum sound for my metal band and was trying to midi drums in but haven't been able to figure out how to get the midi data into reaper via a ddrum module, triggers and a saffire pro40.

So I decided to skip the Module and plug the triggers straight into the saffire. Well it worked out and i got sound from each trigger onto their own tracks. Now i can't figure out how to assign samples from Steven Slate Drums Custom 4 to the tracks?

Has anyone done this? Can anyone explain the process? Is this the same as sample replacing drums, which i know nothing about...

Is this even possible with the drum pack i bought, i know there is another Steven Slate pack for sample replacing... but i bought the ssd4 thinking i could get the midi to work and that didnt end up happening...

also thought i'd add that i have 2 at2020's that i'm using as over head mic's instead of trying to trigger in the cymbals.
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Unless you're going for drum replacing, you'll need to use the module to send midi stuff.
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I just drag and drop whatever loop onto a track. I don't buss anymore. It's too time consuming. Leave the midi drum files on a couple tracks. The main groove on one track
and fills on a separate track. Before final mixing I transfer the midi files into waves files.
Then replace the midi files with the wave files. It's the samething as bouncing all the buss.
It takes the load off of the cpu.

You can use the demo of mixcaft and magix. They both come with vsti drum kits and wave sound loops. Different vsti use different keys to trigger the sounds. So you cant mix them
or you'll get different sound or beats. Addictive drums wont work with toontrack
Magix have plenty of rock, metal drum loops in waves and midi.

I also downloaded various rock, metal, alternative rock loops in waves files.
It has various beats, drum kits, drum fills and various tempo.
Somebody took the time to put 2gigs worth of drum loops together.
It's the same as using a drum machine. Im happy with them and don't need to tweek any knobs.
I also have isolated drum tracks from various songs from various generations.
I can cut, paste, and loop it to whatever I want.

As odd as it might sound I actually use magix as a daw. It allows you to change the tempo
without changing the pitch. Very useful for using with the wave files I have. I don't have
to waste time snapping everything into a measure. It also allows you slice or cut at 1/64 of a beat. Eample, if I mixed a midi into a wave at 122 bpm it'll read the entire waves file and set the project to 122 bmp with everything snapped to a measure. I then can alter the bmp after if I wish. Magix can import vst just any other daw.

I havnt played with mixcraft too much. I do know it has vsti drum kits.
It also has sound pools.