re: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/scales/major_and_minor_pentatonic_scales.html?no_takeover

As a person new here, and new to learning guitar , i find there's lots of good info but
it is hidden by poor graphics..
For example:

Your 'fret fingering' pics use uppercase 'O' for root note , and 'o' for other notes .. In my screen it's nearly impossible to tell the diffrerence ... 'Unique' items should stand out really well ..

The fret pics lack identification as to what chord is being represented... you cant just couunt the spaces between vertical lines, for you show a very short space near the nut for each string .. This is unnecessary and can be confusing. The 'modes' or 'shapes' are not identified..

THen there's the 'link' issue .. where the page states "... see the link in the introduction.."
instead of just putting a link there .. especially when there is no item called 'introduction' to be found ...

You clearly know your stuff, and these points are only regarding how you're presenting it , especially to newbies ...

I'll keep your page as part of my list of default guitar sites .. hoping for more clarity , and i do thank you for your efforts ..