I have taken a new job with a long commute, and I have not found any good public transport or carpool, so I'm stuck driving. I was trying to think of how I could use this time to improve my guitar playing technique or whatever.

Obviously, I cannot hold a full size guitar on my lap and drive. I thought a bit about just getting a broken neck and seeing if I can practice fingerings with my left hand while steering with right, but I can see problems with that. I thought of even getting a small guitar -- 3/4 or 1/2. Or maybe even get a ukulele to learn while I drive.

I know with only one free hand, I cannot really "play" a small guitar or uke, but there are times I'm in bumper-to-bumper traffic, so maybe I could at those times, but mainly I'd try to rig a system to do some fingering stuff without sound, using just my fretting hand, while driving, in the hope it would translate to skill when I play full size guitar.

Another thought I had was to try learning harmonica while I drive... It seems like a good fit -- small, can probably do with one hand (or even none if I get one of those neck holders like guitarists use when they do both guitar and harmonica at same time). I have a couple old harmonicas from when I was a kid... I even looked up some how-to articles a few days ago, thinking about trying this. Alas, from what I read, it seemed people were saying the harmonica is really tough to learn, like one of the hardest instruments (?) I have no way of knowing if that's true, but it did sort of make me give up, at least for now, on taking my harmonica in the car to try to learn.

Perhaps there are CDs / MP3s that teach useful stuff that would translate to guitar? Ear training, perhaps... Even vocal training might help. Or theory.

I just don't like squandering over 90 minutes a day not doing much of anything productive. Any advice appreciated.

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I had a tiny guitar that i attempted to practice while driving to work. It was very dangerous and i do NOT recommend it. Find something to listen to instead of.
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just get audiobooks or something. it's the price you pay for not having to deal with public transportation, be responsible.
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I got myself a grip trainer to give my hands something to do while trying to quit smoking, and I want nothing more than to smoke during my 2 hour commute >_< That and I began to have joint pains in my hands/fingers from keyboard/mouse use. I found the grip trainer helping with the pain by exercising my hands, and I can see it translating well to my playing - since I don't play quite enough to build up any sort of strength from fretting.

And since I'm picking up harsh vocals, I basically just sing to some of my fav songs. Be aware though, it's not recommended to sing and drive. Between the road noise & radio you risk attempting to sing louder than necessary/using too much force.
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just get audiobooks or something. it's the price you pay for not having to deal with public transportation, be responsible.


Some sort of musical theory audiobook seems somewhat plausible, but even then i think you'd probably struggle to drive and take it all in (I could be wrong. I've never tried it obviously).
Man!!! My wife gets on to me when I text and drive. If I even thought about this sh*t, I would be toast!!! Ok, I've thought about it....but no way, it would too dangerous (playing a travel guitar while driving).
One productive use of the time could be to play whatever song(s) you are currently learning over and over, really listening for every nuance. It's going to be great really getting it in your head that deeply for when you do sit and play.
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Man!!! My wife gets on to me when I text and drive.

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Yeah this is one of the stupidest ideas I've heard in a long time.

If you want to use your commute productively then use the time to become familiar with songs you want to play or otherwise the audiobook suggestion is excellent.

Doing other shit when you're supposed to be concentrating on driving causes accidents and in the worst cases gets people killed.
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I can't believe this has even got this far...

CONCENTRATE ON THE FUCKING ROAD YOU DICK. No, I will not be nice about this; every time you're not paying complete attention to driving you're risking the lives of everyone around you. You're piloting around a tonne of metal and fuel, do not fuck about.

I can't believe this... jesus christ, are you really so dumb?
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Good that one of you has a brain. Maybe there's hope for America yet.

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Well, you could try a harmonica on a holder... But you might have a hard time explaining how you swallowed a harmonica after being transported to the ER after an accident....

As Arlo Guthrie said, "When you're playing your guitar while you're riding your motorcycle, you have to be VERY CAREFUL."