I have been trying to find ways to play MP3 backing tracks in my guitar amp using my laptop and usb to amp . anyway the problem is the guitar is much louder than the mp3 from the laptop The laptop can only bring the mp3 volume up so much and its not enough, I need to get the guitar and the mp3 at the right volume level . what would be the best option or setup for me so i can use backing tracks with better volume control but still use mp3 format ?
I would take a look at the Roland JS-10. They have a cheaper model but I believe it's discontinued JS-8. Anyway they're pretty wicked units and allow you to plug your guitar directly in and play along with your mp3s. They also allow you to slow down playback speeds if you're trying to learn a solo without changing the pitch. I believe they're in the $500 range but well worth the money.
Get some powered speakers for the laptop. A guitar amp isn't going to sound that great anyway.
You need to just buy a proper set of computer speakers. Laptop speakers aren't really meant for listening to music and jamming.