I could stroke her hair and she’d not sigh
I could say her name and she’d not stir
Like a past and wistful lie
Returned to haunt night’s blur
No tremulous breaths amidst her lips
All worry’s furrows filled
As though she drank from a golden cup
A thousand joys distilled

Sleep, sleep my darling
Sleep, my love
Don’t weep, my angel
I’m watching from above

Close your eyes, do pictures form?
Relax your mind, does music play?
Dream your dreams, do they fill you
With enchantment through the day
Cry your tears, do they well unseen?
Write your words, does their pathos shine?
Love your loves, do they disappear
In echoing laughter, as do mine?

I could cup her cheek and she’d not cry
I could kiss her brow and she’d not smile
Like a naïve, foolish dream
Freed from old exile
No troubled spasms clasp her hands
Her unseen eyes are wide
As though she lay in a perfect land
Where only love abides

Sleep, sleep my sweetheart
Sleep, my love
Don’t weep, my angel
I’ll watch you from above

Does your heart beat in sympathy
To the sound of a certain symphony?
Do you feel close to fainting
At the sight of a certain painting?
Is every mirror a two-way affair?
Do you see their faces as your brush your hair?
Deep in the centre, hold your stare
Focus your senses, you’ll see me there
I like the chorus with the illiteration and simple flow. The verses have good imagery. Some of your words are complicated: like 'wistful' and 'haunt' in the first verse etc.. Your second verse with questions is very good.
Melodic Death Metal? It's very original and has a lot of flare, I like it!