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It just dawned on me my voodoo lab micro vibe has been on my pedal board for 7 years and is my seccond oldest pedal I still use. (i stopped using cheap digital delay for 3 year's and brought it back when I sold my bbe two timer) So gg&a what pedal has been on your board the longest?
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I've almost always had a tube screamer on my board. Got one, put it on there, moved to a rack setup and left the tube screamer in the rack, moved to a pod hd500, used the tube screamer model on there, moved back to a board and put the tube screamer on it. Haha. So yeah, that.
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tend to redo my board every few years so nothing on there at moment for more than 2 years. have had a DOD FX65 chorus for almost 30 years but not on board permanently.
EHX Micro POG or Rocktron Banshee, I forget which I bought first as they turned up at around the same time.

There is the DigiTech Screamin' Blues. That was the first pedal I ever bought. I sold my first one, but about three years later I bought another. Perhaps in total time that would be the one I've had for the longest, despite the gap.

edit: You know what? The POG is the only one that is always used every single time, so that has to win. The Banshee and SB are sometimes left at home.
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Boss DD-3.
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Clark Gainster, the only pedal ever to make it through 2 years on my board.
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Planet Waves Pedal Tuner.

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My loop pedal and my holy grail reverb pedal have never left the chain. Probably about 5 years or so.
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Dimebag Wah.
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btw, great to see a tgp-style thread on UG! As opposed to 'which amp?', 'why is my string breaking?', etc
I've had my TU-2 for six years. Everything else is expendable. So I'll usually get rid of it to play with something else. I've had like 4 or 5 muskets and a couple Twosome Fuzzes though. Plan to get a new musket soon. So that type of pedal stays on my board most. hahaha
My Bad Horsie 2 wah. Bought it about 8 years ago brand new, been using it ever since every day.
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As of 5 days ago, an Ibanez DLL 10 Delay II. Started redoing my bored this week and that was the first addition.
After a short hiatus my Quadraverb is back in the lineup. I've used that for decades, none of the other effects/pedals come close.
I have always had some form of tubescreamer though, even before the Quaddy. So if you are after what type rather than specific physical unit, then tubesceamer of some sort (currently a Bad Monkey).
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Turbo Tuner is the only constant over the last 3 years. Decimator of some variety usually makes its way onto the board as well.
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My big bad wah by Vox has been on my board for about 5 years or so now. Great wah!
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GCB95 cry baby

Your poor ears....

Just kidding! but seriously, mod that sucka!
Boss TU-3, followed by TC Hall of Fame

My FAVOURITE pedal though is probabley either my Wampler Euphoria or my Malekko Ekko 616
Visual Sound H2O. It's quirky, it's a bit noisy and the chorus doesn't like you picking too hard, but I've had this thing for about 4 years and I love it to bits.
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Your poor ears....

Just kidding! but seriously, mod that sucka!

i hardly use it tbh

and if i do what mods would you recommend
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at this point, a Wah and a GFS tuner. yep, the brand deemed lowest quality or perhaps least rugged has been on one of the longest (
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After the tuner, the Deus Ex Machina fuzz.
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Turbo Tuner is the only constant over the last 3 years.


only other pedal that comes close is my whammy, but that's counting both the 4 and the 5 as one.
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After the tuner, the Deus Ex Machina fuzz.

I had one of those for awhile...great fuzz pedal. If I used fuzz more, I'd totally get another one. Plus, it has one of my favorite paint jobs.

Besides my tuner, I have had the same Crybaby wah forever. I used it on like 4 songs a night (out of 3 sets) so it stays, but not enough that I've ever thought about spending more money on one.

The other pedal that is on there and will stay forever is the Mad Professor Sweet Honey OD. It does the low-gain drive sound very well, and also effectively boosts the drive channel of my amp.

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Is the Mad Professor Sweet Honey OD in any way similar to the Bearfoot Honeybee OD?

I'm not super familiar with the Honeybee.

I keep one of channel of my amp glassy clean and the other channel at a pretty good crunch. The SHOD allows me to get the in between edge of break-up sound when I play lightly, and the slightly overdriven sound when I dig in a bit on the clean channel, and compresses and boosts my drive channel for leads.

Partscaster/Tele into a bunch of pedals, a Maz 18 head, and a Z Best cab.
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i hardly use it tbh

and if i do what mods would you recommend
One of the PBT guys recommended this to me a while ago, (can't remember who). Anyway really easy and a large improvement IMO for a small amount of work. No messing around with inductors etc

I also use a compressor after my wah if I'm playing clean, just to tame the highs a bit more.
Probably my Crybaby Classic.. Been on there for seven years or so?
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