does anyone have any info or know of anywhere that does for a jay turser flying v? i have one of the cherry red with a set neck models. not the more common version that is blue with a bolt on neck.



it is my first guitar i ever bought and i just decided to pick it up again after 5 years of sitting in the closet and holy shit do the pickups suck. a friend recently purchased a JT les paul copy and it surprisingly sounds really, really good. the pickups on his have so much more clarity and punch compared to mine which just sound like a pile of mud. super flubby with no definition. his was made last year so i'm thinking JT has upgraded their electronics since whenever mine was made. all of this made me think that this guitar may have some potential with a pickup/pot swap. i'm gonna just try swap the stock pup's with a pair of epiphone pickups that i have laying around first to see if that'll even make a difference. from what i've read from one source is that it's made from maple but i couldnt be sure and i can't even tell. i just mainly wanna know what it's made out of so i can determine what type of pickups i should get for it. thanks.
I did some digging, and I wasn't able to come up with much more than what you have already. However, Jay Turser is still in business, so your best bet really may be to send the pictures directly to them and see what they can tell you about it. You can get in touch with them at http://www.jayturser.com/contact/. As for pickups, just my two cents here of course, but I think if you're planning to make it into a guitar you're really going to use, a good option would be to get some real Gibson pickups. Personally I'd use a combo of a 496R and a 498T, or otherwise try DiMarzio Deactivators. Of course it all depends on the sounds you're really looking to coax out of it.