Hi All

Highly appreciated if you can shed me some light to get the setup right with my current list and my band is playing heavy stuff like - Dio / Paradise Lost / Arch Enemy

I cannot always tone a kick ass metal sounds for the riff and solo....if you can gimme idea , I will trade myself for it

I am using
Jim Root Fender Jazzmaster guitar
ORANGE TH30 w/ PPC412 cabinet

Micro Metal Muff (can switch with Hotone WHIP Metal Distortion)
MXR Chorus
TC Electronic Flashback
Best way to get a heavy tone with any distortion/amp combo is to have a slightly crunched amp setting and try to use the distortion as much like a clean boost as possible. Start out with the amp on the dirty channel and all the knobs at noon. Then put the volume on the pedal set to like 3 o clock and the tone to noon. Start with the distortion at 0 and gradually put it in until you get the tone you like. Then EQ with the amps knobs. You shouldn't really need to move them much beyond 10 o clock if you're taking it out or 2 o clock adding it in.

EDIT- These videos taught me soooo much about really getting the best tones:
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Amps and the like:
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Gojira FX 808
Line 6 M9
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With the TH30 there are like 4 gain stages and the tone knob can blend in a variety of different genres. With the tone all the way to the right it has a more scooped mids feel, I'm sure you probably know all of this already. The way I set mine up depends on what I am playing. If I want a good blues sound I use the clean channel and crank it. The dirt channel is more modern sounding and might not nail Dio tones. I would think that if you throw a TS style pedal in front of it and an EQ pedal into the effects loop you should be able to get the sound you are after. I am not a big fan of distortion pedals, I like to rely on the amps distortion rather than a pedal to get me there. The TH has plenty of gain on tap. Just play around with the EQ pedal and Tone knob. Truly great amp, I love mine.
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The TH30 already has more gain than those sorts of tones actually use, especially with active pickups driving it.

The V30s you have have a big mid-range focus, and with such powerful pickups you'll probably want to move the tone shape control on your amp to just a little bit towards the scooped side. Not much, just a tiny bit. You'll probably find it's best left nearer to the middle than to the ends of either side.

Depending on what tuning you use (lower tuning = less gain needed), what gauge strings you use and how aggressive your picking is, you may find you don't need the gain anywhere higher than 6. A TH30 on 7 is really reaching modern alternative metal areas of gain.

Remember that you're only going to get a really chunky, 'heavy' tone when the amp is turned up. Don't expect to be able to get that sort of tone at bedroom levels. Switch your amp to 7w mode and you'll find your amp is able to produce a slightly thicker tone at reasonable volume, though it'll still have to be cranked up pretty loud to get the best out of it.

If metal is all you play, consider switching the valves, both power amp and pre amp, for higher-gain ones. I highly recommend Watford valves, as they sell a variety of brands and have some pre amp valves which are specificially selected for producing an extra bump in gain.

I struggle to believe that with active pickups, a TH30 and a 4x12" with V30s, you don't immediately get a heavy sound. If just cranking it isn't doing it for you, the only thing I would suggest you try is getting an EQ unit which can cope with line level signal (i.e. rack effect, not a stompbox effect) and put that in the effects loop. Then you could boost the lower-mids. I wouldn't advise putting any kind of OD or distortion pedal in front of the amp because it's already got enough gain there for industrial metal, let alone standard heavy metal.
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Boost it with a TS?
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