Hi all,

Currently working on a new track for release with my band, but its the first time I've taken the helm myself. Happy with the tones for all of the instruments, but when it comes to EQing/compressing, I have less than no clue.

In other words, for those of you more in the know, could you please listen and tell me if their are any glaring issues and how to solve them? Anything would be appreciated. Track is 'Untitled' on my profile.
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Have a look at the "crit my mix" thread and the original songs section.

And most important, go on wikipedia and read how compressors and eq's work.
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[My comment below is not specific to your track, just a general observation - I'm at work and can't listen to it yet]

Don't get drawn into over-compressing. It can be tempting at first but it makes music sound lifeless. One day when you're more experienced you'll play it back and hate it. Err on the side of caution.
Compression sounds good. But as Jehannum says when you're not experienced it can really screw up your mixes - we've all done it but probably don't know now.

With compression there are general rules as too what attack and release times - these are set as guides and not as "do this and it will work for your song".

EQ. The best thing to do is experiment and use your ears - there is probably 1 million ways to EQ an individual track. I myself like to use mostly SUBTRACTIVE EQ. But if i have a hardware unit available or am using my API plug i will use additive as well.
Again there are general rules for this.
Thanks for this guys, doing research at the moment - should have a track update soon.
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think of it like this...

if you got a good tone from the amp, would you just randomly add eq's and compressors to the chain on the way in .. just coz thats what others do?

if the answer is no... read on...

some of the best engineers actually dont use compression... eddie kramer if i remember right, uses just the volume to balance stuff ---

a compressor.. to put it in a VERY VERY basic way... it levels out your audio... so for example... on a kick drum, if you have 1 hit thats way louder than the other... compression can be used to get them to sound a bit more even in terms of levels... this is something you can do with volume automation. apart from the leveling thing, hardware units are also used for their texture and their signature sound... just like how different guitars are used for different voicings.... it can also be used as an effect, which i wont get into here.

EQ -- how do you use eq on an amp.... if the bass is too much.. u kinda cut down the bass.. so you can hear a bit more of the mids... maybe you want the tone to shine a bit... so you add a bit of treble to it... think of the mixing eq similarly but for different instruments.


- place every instrument into its specific range.. -- vocals have a different frequency range than guitars... so eq accordingly.

- DONT boost the bass eq (on plugins) on your guitar coz u want it to sound big... it'll just make the guitars sound muddy and eat up the space for your bass.

- try getting all instruments at an audible level.

- focus more on the level balance of the track than on eq or compression.. the track balance is what gives the track its feel.

- oh... you said youre happy with the tones... but yeah gotta say this.. make sure you choose appropriate raw sound choices... not even bob rock, andy sneap, CLA, or any other amazing engineer can make a roland cube sound like a mesa ... u know what i mean?

anyways... happy mixing!