I need a new power supply for my pedalboard. But I'm pretty low on money. I want to get the best I can get for my money so I was thinking of getting the voodoolab ISO 5. Only issue is I want to power about 8 pedals and not 5. My question is: would I be able to daisy chain some of the isolated outputs to power my extra pedals but retain the quietness of the isolated power supply.

Yes, you can. Just make sure you're not exceeding the current output (which is 180mv IIRC). Good idea is to put all dirt pedals and other low current drawing pedals on one and then isolate ones that have a higher current draw.

Also consider the T-Rex Fuel Tank Jr. if you're on a budget.
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Or a joyo insulated power supply if you're on an even tighter budget
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Are you running your pedals through an FX loop? If not, you could probably get away with the One Spot. Power isolation issues typically aren't that bad in a single loop -- it becomes more problematic when you add the add the loop in.

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i have to reccomend against voodoo labs power supply. i bought one recently, and although am happy with how it works thus far, i am sure it is made with the cheapest components possible. i got it in the mail, was about to remove the screws on the side to mount it to my pedal train, and saw that the screws were already stripped. (which meant the got stripped installing them at the factory.) i finally got them to send me new screws, and those ones all but fell apart when touched with a screwdriver. with as shoddy as the screws are, i fear that the components inside are just as cheap, and wont last very long.

ill be really pissed when it fails, because its going to be a bitch to remove from the pedal board because all the screws are stripped.
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usually i read through everything, but buy bigger than you think your need. it will always manage to fit more stuff.

but i do recommend voodoo lab
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I got the Digitech hardwire V10 recently. It's an isolated power supply like the Voodoo labs ISO 5 but it has more outputs.

You can also adjust the output voltage to simulate dying batteries on 2 of the outputs if that is something you'd be interested in trying out.

It's about the same price as the voodoo labs PSU too.
I have the Voodoo Lab ISO 5, and the quality is great, I can totally recommend it. And yes, you can daisy chain the pedals. I'd use the higher current output of the PSU for this application.