The FR 1000 is the better of the 2. The 1000 is mirrored after the German OFR and the FR Special is a budget version of the OFR. The 1000 uses all the same quality metals and materials as the German OFR (hardened steel baseplate, steel saddles & brass sustain block) but is made in Korea to cut labor costs. The FR Special uses the same hardened steel baseplate but has zinc saddles and sustain block. The zinc parts are the budget part of the FRS.

The baseplate is the biggest part of it when it comes to the longevity and stability of it. But the zinc saddles can crack, break or strip out much easier than the steel. And the zinc block doesn't offer the same sustain and tone of a good brass block. I would never let a guitar that comes with either one detour me from buying it.
They used to be the same except the sustain block. Recently some FR Specials have been showing up with zinc baseplates, though. Apparently they're coming out of Indonesia. Hard to tell if all FR Specials will be changed to the zinc baseplate or if it's just a couple of companies using this even cheaper one or what.
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I do have a problem with my FR-1000, maybe somebody has some advice. I do own a LTD M-1000FR (2nd gen supposedly with FR 1000). I have had the guitar for maybe one year. The problem is that the thick e-string gets off-tune when i use the FR more extensively and since I use it regularly extensively it gets off-tune all the time. I do dive bombs - normal to full release and back to normal. The thick e-string always goes approx. minus 1/4 note and stays there no matter if strings are new or played and settled. All the other strings stay in tune however, no problem with that. (BTW: Since 2003 I own a RG1570 and the Ibanez tremolo is overall better / more comfortable even though it is more sensitive to temperature changes. BTW2: These are the string I've been using for ages and on both guitars, no problem with my Ibanez guitar http://www.daddario.com/DADProductDetail.Page?ActiveID=3769&productid=7&productname=EXL125_Nickel_Wound__Super_Light_Top__Regular_Bottom__9_46; the FR seems to be set up correctly. I just don't know if that's a regular flaw or if there's something I did wrong. I am new to "Floyd Rose"). Any experiences with similar behavior? Thanks for any useful tips.
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^ your best bet is probably to ask in the floyd rose sticky thread (it might only be linked in one of the bigger stickies now).
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