So, I got to brewing some mixed berry wine the other day, got a gallon demijohn full of the stuff, brewing at the moment.

I used bakers yeast, used enough sugar, fruit, water, etc.

At first the thing foamed over and their was foam everywhere, so I cleared to airlock, tipped out a bit of the brew, and put it back.

Now though, their is no krausen, but the airlock is still bubbling once every 6 seconds or so, is it fermenting?
Yes, a long time ago and it was pretty awful.
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My dad used to do it for years, and I helped a couple of times, and at no point do I remember anything ever foaming like that, so I think you mighta goofed, but I'm far from an expert.
if it's still bubbling then you're good; you'll probably have to add sugar once it's done eating to adjust the taste

if you think you'll be getting super into wine brewing, my friend brews a TON of wine/mead and would be happy to talk to you; just message me at some point and I'll get you guys in contact
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I'm not gonna get in to it properly, not at the moment anyhow, just thought it'd be a bit of fun. Going to try some other stuff at some point. Awesome man, cheers, it bubbles about once every 8 seconds now, I've read that a tiny krausen is alright but I don't think mine has any at all, although there are spots of stuff on the top, although that might be seed sediment. Cheers anyhow man.
I don't know, but I'll drink it.

Srsly, TS send me some and I'll give you the optimal rating on whatever wine website you choose...


Beer I've done, but not wine. From experience, you ferment for about a week then leave it to brew for a few more. But wine could be very different. My Nana used to make wine out of carrots. That stuff, I am told, was lethal.

We distilled cider when I was a fresher at uni (which is what happens when a chemist and a physicist get bored). That was a decidedly a terrible idea. It tasted like p*ss and was about 60% abv so it was like gargling glass.
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Forgot to say, in my experience wines usually take 6-12 months to age, and require racking a couple of times in that time.

You don't have to take my advice though, because all of my wines have been crap.
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I brew beer with my friend. I have a friend that makes a lot of wine.

If it's regularly bubbling, you should be okay.
Not personally, but it runs in the Yugoslavian side of the family, wine, ouzo, beer (with and without chilies , makes it violent), various tropical fruit based booze especially bananas.
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