My only guitar since Dec 2012 has been a Gibson SG faded. Great guitar but I play it so much that basically all of the finish on the back of the neck has worn away leaving away some undercoat or the bare/stained wood but not sure. Only problem is that lately I've noticed it feels a bit grimy and almost powder-y but I'm not sure how or if I should clean it. If there is some finish left wiping it would probably wipe away the rest of the finish... any help/tips? Thanks
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That sounds pretty normal for the faded series, they wear pretty quickly. Wiping the guitar down isn't really going to wipe away the rest of your finish. I would just wipe it down with a slightly damp rag. If that doesn't clean it up, you could use some guitar cleaner (dunlop 65 is pretty good) or a mild detergent.
I've found with finished necks that if they start to grab or get a little rough; just rub them with some super high grit sandpaper, like 2500. They should be nice and smooth again.
EDIT: Rub them lightly, don't try to sand them down or anything.
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