Wasn't trying to plug anything, It's just that I have a lot of pics of my project is it cool to post them here?
It's fine to post your builds here. You just need to format them coherently.

And also don't make multiple threads. Mods don't like that.
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Carvin Tube power amp, Carvin 1x12 speakers, Using Guitar Rig 5 for software, and their foot controller for the interface. I have the Behringer vamp pro in the rack just to have another pre-amp option. Was trying to go with a "Swiss Army" approach. I can also do mobile tracking by throwing the Tascam US1641 in the rack. The speaker cabs can be pulled out so essentially you can split the power amp and have 2 independent systems or different monitoring options.

I will try to add more to this forum when I get time