I haven't been on here in forever, but I wanted to share this. I didn't think this day would ever come. I didn't think being a left handed guitarist that I'd find a PRS that didn't absolutely break me financially, but I did and it is just unbelievable.

This is a 2011 Custom 22. Like all Custom 22s, it has a mahogany body and neck, and a maple top. This is a flame maple top finished in what PRS calls Black Gold, and yes, it is a 10 top. The fingerboard is a very dark rosewood and it has the classic PRS bird inlays that appear to be made out of abalone. The fretboard has a 10 inch radius, and has 22 medium jumbo frets. It's fitted with two uncovered PRS 57/08 humbuckers, a tremolo bridge, a 3 way toggle switch, a volume knob, and a push/pull tone knob that splits the coils. It also has PRS' Phase III locking machine heads.

I love this guitar. It plays as well as it looks. It's incredibly loud acoustically and plugged in and it's warm and pleasant with great sustain and articulation. I really like the 57/08s, they respond really well with the volume and tone controls, it's an incredibly versatile instrument.

Honestly, I can't think of a bad thing to say about this guitar. There's really only one thing that I wish was different. I wish it had stainless steel frets. I've been playing a Suhr as my main guitar for a few years now and it has stainless steel frets. I love how smooth they are for bends and vibrato and how they virtually never wear. The PRS' frets are finished perfectly, but being standard nickel frets, they obviously don't feel the same. Other than that, it's just about ideal in every way.

Here's some pictures, please excuse my terrible photography skills and my iPhone camera. Thanks for reading/looking!

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Send it back to the factory, they got yours backwards.

But seriously, awesome guitar!
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Nice PRS

Lefty's are very rare indeed
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Welcome to the PRS family! You're never going to look back!
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