Hey all,

I am about to embark on building my first guitar.... I have nothing yet, apart from some p90 pickups and a big lump of ash which I aquired from a boatyard I own.

What should I build? I currently have a gibson SG and a Fender Strat Ultra.

I love blues music and thought about a Les Paul, but I would take any advice...

I thought as this is my first I wouldd buy a neck, what do you all think?

Does anyone have a good solid source of info for building?

Thanks all

You have a nice piece of Ash, you need to make a Telecaster.
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I believe this book is regarded as the Builders' Bible, although I've never looked at it. The Central Hub thread at the top of the page has lots of good links in it and of course there's quite a few people that hang around here that will be happy to help, or at least point you in the right direction.

Making a body and buying a neck is a good way to start - I still haven't got to the stage where I feel like I could tackle building a neck, but that's mainly due to lack of a decent workspace and tools now.

Les Paul Juniors and Telecasters are about as basic as you can get body-wise but to be honest if you can handle woodworking tools and making (or acquiring) templates then nothing should present you with too much difficulty.

Be aware that it's almost impossible to stop after the first one though.

Quote by Robbgnarly
You have a nice piece of Ash, you need to make a Telecaster.
Heh. That's exactly what I thought, "Ooh, P90 Tele!"
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I thought as this is my first I wouldd buy a neck, what do you all think?

Great idea. Building the neck, fretboard, fitting the fretwire, etc, was the hardest part when i helped a friend build one. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

If you're planning to build more guitars in the future, it may be worth start practicing building a neck right now, so that it'll be easier in the next models.

Quote by Robbgnarly
You have a nice piece of Ash, you need to make a Telecaster.

I concur. With good ash, i'd build a Tele with natural blonde finish and a 1-ply black pickguard.

Then, i'd top that with a maple neck.
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I've built a couple bodies over the years and just used the necks from other guitars. However, the neck itself really isnt that tough. It is the fretboard that is the hardest part. I built an acoustic from q martin kit and had to do some neck shaping, fretting and such but the fret slots were already cut.
I would at least buy a slotted fretboard. Check out stewart McDonald or warmouth for all sorts of things.
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Thank you all very much!

I think I will start with a body the the first time and buy a tele neck....

I was thinking about prayerbooking the wood to have a kind wicked burst of grain or does that affect the tone?

Where can i find a good pattern for a tele? I will start with that and maybe carve it some what to give it some contour.

Bookmatching [ ] the wood won't affect the tone.*

TDPRI is the go-to site for all things Tele (and a lot of other guitar-related stuff, too).

* In my opinion. There are many opinions on what affects guitar tone. I reckon if you can hear the difference between a one-piece and a two-piece bookmatched body you must be some kind of freak.