At the weekend my amp (Cornford Roadhouse 30) stopped working, me and a friend figured out it was a fuse, so we replaced that and it worked fine. Tonight at band practice I switched on all fine, played for a little while then noticed there was a weird kinda fuzzy sound along side my regular tone. I looked at the amp and the valves were glowing as if the amp were on standby (maybe even a little brighter), I put the amp on standby cos this obviously wasn't right and all power just went. Tried to turn on again and I couldn't.

My friend took a guess at it being a problem with the power valves (to be honest I haven't changed my valves in the 4ish years I've owed the amp, and I bought it used) which then blew the fuse again tonight.

That seems like a reasonable diagnosis, but just in case it's a very obvious problem in a different area I'd rather find out first before I shell out for some new valves!

Any help would be HUGELY appreciated!
It sounds like you had the power tubes redplating. Throw a new set in it and a new fuse
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First of all, fuses blow for a reason... Replacing one without looking for the cause is asking for trouble. Don't do that.

Second, your friend is correct that power tubes would be the first suspect, particularly since you said they're over four years old. Buy a set and try them out (not sure if that amp needs biased as part of the swap, look into that). Buy preamp tubes as well, since you need spares anyway.

If a full retube (and a new fuse since you likely blew another) doesn't fix it then it needs to see a qualified tech.
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My money's on power tubes too.
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