This one took me a while, but I think it's worth it!


Hope you like it and thanks for watching!

Edit: Matt Heafy himself started following me last night on Twitter, so I guess he's watched this cover. Just had to brag about it
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Sounds like one of you strings is out of tune. But other than that sounds pretty good man!

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That was very very good. I mean there's really nothing I can critique other than maybe tone and video quality, but even then, tone is very close and video quality can be taken care of by just buying a new video camera. But Notes and attitude are there, and that solo is very difficult and you did a great job at taking it on.

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You're such a great guitar player Victor, you never let me down. I am impressed with your precission and perfection as regards playing the track. You play as if you composed the song, you really stick to the original. I am at a loss for words as I love Trivium and I know how hard it is to play any of their track. As always I am full of praise for you!

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