I have to choose one of them. And tell my why should i choose it over the other. Ty
I think that Ibanez GRGs are good guitars for begginers. Haven't tried LTD, so I can't talk about it.

I used to own GRG270, it was a good budget guitar. It had a shitty tremolo which is always the case with cheap guitars, but it felt nice to play. Not as nice as some of the more expensive guitars of course, but not bad either.
I used to own the Ibanez one you mentioned and it was great for what it was, comfortable, sturdy, held its tuning relatively well, i also dropped the thing countless times on wooden floors and tiles and it barely chipped the finish, i don't have any experience with the ltd so i can't comment on it but low end BC Riches tend to be pieces of crap
It was pretty solid, set up properly it played really nicely for an entry level guitar, sometimes wish i still had it sometimes, it got seriously abused and held up like a champ, i even accidentally flung it off a trampoline at a band practice once and it still held tuning well, nothing cracked aside from a nice chip of paint but that was purely aesthetic and didnt change the playability of the guitar
I own a LTD m-10 so I can say a bit about it. Overall it's an all right guitar but for the price you're paying, it's a pretty good guitar. The action was low on it but after changing the strings, I had to raise the bridge to get rid of fret buzz so the action is slightly on the high side on the higher frets.

Sound wise, it's got a decent versatile sound but the pick-ups aren't amazing. I'd change them if you don't plan to upgrade anytime soon. Also, the guitar has XJ frets so you might wanna check if you like them.

So overall, it's a pretty damn good beginner guitar but not likely one you'll stick with once you get better.
Honestly I would pick the M-10 if I had to choose. New ibanez guitars suck overall in my opinion. Ever good ibby I have ever played was a old and usually discontinued model such as the SA220FM which was the best ibanez I have ever played. If it were me I would be looking at something like a Douglas Spad from rondomusic.
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And what about the build quality of the Ibanez?

I've never had any problems with it.