I'm looking for a program for mac where I can take a drum tab and convert it to a midi file so I can use it i Garageband. The reason is I want to be able to cover songs but without the hassle of recording the drums since I haven't got an easy nor fun way of doing that.

After googleing for a while I haven't found anything that seems to fit my needs. TabTrax looks good but only compatible with PC as far as I know.

Any tips?
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hey man

you could use guitar pro to create a drum track and then use its export as midi function.

Alright, but is it possible to paste a tab into the program?
Once you've exported the tab file as a midi, you can just drag and drop the midi into Garage Band as a software instrument track.
Yeah but if you have to rewrite the tab in guitar pro you may as well just programme it straight into GarageBand - it does have a piano roll doesn't it...it's been so long since I used it. You would just need to find the right notes.

It really doesn't take too long as you can cut and paste parts that repeat. If the bass drum follows the same pattern for four bars write it once copy and paste it three more times. If the snare hits every first and third beat, copy and paste.

Then you just addin the little variations, adjust the velocity to taste and you're set. It does take time. As far as I know there is no programme that will read and convert tab. But I haven't really looked tbh.
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As far as I know there is no programme that will read and convert tab.

I have to also say the same. I can't recall ever coming across one myself.
I would also suggest the Guitar Pro software
altought, it would be really worth the time to
learn about Recording with things such as
Cubase or Protools.