Suddenly the 9th fret, G string is entirely dead. Happened out of nowhere. Is this an issue I can fix or do i need to bring it to a luthier to have a fret filed?
Completely dead? Out of nowhere?

That's odd. It's possible that you wore the fret down to a point where the frets ahead of it are choking the note. Luthier job if that's the case.
Wound or plain string?

I'm going to guess the string(s) is likely the culprit, but if you have a small steel rule and can run it along the fingerboard around that point you might detect a raised fret or a worn fret divet.

Can you describe what you mean by completely dead?
If you (gently) clamp some mass to the headstock and play, does the flat spot move to a different fret?
Interesting. I also have a 214ce and don't seem to have any dead spots, even after many string changes. Let us know once you find the culprit.