I'd say I'm an intermediate guitar player, I only had 2 years of lessons in which some light theory was learned but I don't remember it at all because that was 4 years ago. Since then I've been teaching myself but I feel I'm not where I should be.

I am in a band that writes it's own music, we are influenced by A Day To Remember, Pierce The Veil, blessthefall, Bring Me The Horizon, Of Mice & Men, Chiodos, Architects, etc, and I feel very limited in my ability whenever we start writing new songs, I don't know how to challenge myself and break out of my comfort zone and not keep writing basic guitar parts that sound like the one before.

I guess my question is this: Are there any books on theory or technique that you can recommend or just give me any knowledge that every guitar player must know to expand their horizons and get out of this rut? I want to be more creative, but I feel I don't have the tools to.

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Listen to different music.
Learn how to play that music.

Creativity comes from having a large pool of ideas. Your pool seems to just be from those bands, and is quite limited. The best musicians learn everything they find interesting from whatever source they can find.
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My influences go beyond those few bands. I have a taste for everything and I could learn more guitar by learning songs out of our genre but it wouldn't help if I didn't know WHAT I was doing, as far the theory behind it, you feel me?
Honestly I've learned a ton of theory and musical ideas from the constant lessons on this site and certain youtube channels with people that know what they're talking about. Creative Guitar Studio is one example. I have to be careful about not trying to learn too much too quickly though or it won't stick.

If you get intervals down in general music theory and on the guitar neck then you can create any chord/scale and figure out what any chord/scale is. Then once you start learning other songs, possibly in other genres, you’ll know how they came up with those chords and start to get some new ideas. I do have a book I’ve been using too but I’ll have to get back to you on the name/author.
For music theory, I really like John Oswin's YouTube videos. He is just a master teacher and his humor makes it very enjoyable. I learned more music theory from his videos than everything else I tried put together.
Thank you for the suggestions so far guys! I'd love to hear more.. Check out my band's single and lemme know what you think.
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