I got this thing at a tiny music store in sonora. but im moving to boston and have to part with it.
here is the ebay link

I e-mailed fender, they said only 500 of these were made.

also, if you're in the SF bay area, I'm clearing out ALL my stuff.

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It's an MIJ. They only make 500 Jazzmasters at a time, then switch up which paints they want to do for that quarter, rinse, repeat. I think the only JM colors they consistently do are 3TS and Black.

Not to take away from your JM. Very cool color. A limited run from Fender Japan can mean a lot of things, though.

Yours does have the kick-butt radius-matched bridge on it. If that fretboard is a 7.25" Radius, that makes a big difference in the setup.
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