Hi guys, ive recently bought a thinline telecaster body and am finally about the buy the pickguard for it to match a "72 deluxe.

My question being:-

The pickguard I want is (HERE ) for a Modern Player Thinline Deluxe.

But the pickup holes look smaller, is the modern player thinline pickup holes different to the normal fender re-issue's - im putting seymour duncan humbuckers in and am worried about the fitment.


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The Modern Player has P-90 pickups. Your pickups won't fit. Also, the Modern Player series are made in China to metric measurement. Your guitar is form Mexico and made to imperial measurement. Even if the pickups weren't an issue, that would not fit. Everything would be slightly off.

You can buy '72 Thinline pickguards from many places. You can buy actual Fender ones in a vairety of colours; most Fender dealers either stock them or can order them in. Most parts shops, such as Allparts, WD Music and so on, carry '72 Thinline pickguards. Greasy Groove make their own pickguards to perfectly retrofit Fender guitars, including a '72 Thinline one which can be had in one of literally hundreds of styles. Terrapin Pickguards will make any pickguard you want and have the '72 Thinline already as a standard option.
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