I have spent at least 5 hours reading reviews but im sorry... Since i cant play neither of those three (no shops in Croatia have it) im forced to ask for your opinion and it is prolly gonna be purchased from ebay. Read all across the internet that these three are best-for-money-spent guitars

Well, all three have like awesome ratings but price is kinda different. Like the both fingerpicking and strumming. The sunburst fg730 looks stunning.

Lets say ima 70% sure that im gonna go for fg730 but is it better for me to save up more money and afford fg750/ seagulls6 ?
i owned the FG730 but returned it because the neck was too narrow to fingerpick comfortably. i bought the seagull original S6, which was ideal for fingerpicking with its wider nut. it was ideal, just perfect, although if you're used to narrow nuts it may take a week or two to adjust to it. the S6 is a wonderful guitar, but the FG730 isn't bad. they do have very different tones - the FG730 has a silvery sound with less overtones, the original S6 has a balanced tone with sparkle at the top and some overtones.
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