I sell guitars frequently on CL. I meet potential buyers at a local retail parking lot. I am in need of a cheap amp they can try the guitars out on. It doesn't need to be a fancy tube amp. Just work well enough to let them see the electronics function properly. My truck has AC power so I don't want to mess with batteries.

It also needs to have an on board tuner. When not in my truck it will stay in my garage where I regularly repair guitars. I hate running upstairs to test a guitar out, only to see it needs more work and I have to go back to downstairs, for the 35th time.

Any suggestions would be great. Looking to spend $100 and can probably find used. We have an active CL in the Dallas area. Thanks much for the opinions!
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Line 6 Spider. You can get one for under $50 all day long on CL and sometimes they even throw a beginner guitar in.

Here ya go:

^definatly the best you'll get for that cheap. Has many effects/distortion options as well so they and you can try it with whatever desired
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I'd say a Champ. It would be ideal for spotting deficiencies in gear. Nice and clean, reacts dramatically to input strength, etc. One of the Champ 600's would be fine for what you need. Cheap too.
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