Hello all!

I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in acoustic since this guitar does both but I figured this sub forum has a bit more traffic.

So this guitar is actually not for me but for my wife. We're in a rock band and she plays acoustic guitar. Recently though, she grew dissatisfied with her guitar and we were hunting for a replacement. Her requirements were a bit difficult to meet:

-A tiny body (she's tiny herself so a dreadnought looks ridiculous on her and she sings and moves around a lot on stage so a big bulky guitar was out of the question)
-A big acoustic sound (these two requirements are a bitch when they're put together)
-Versatility/unique sound
-low feedback (we can get pretty loud on stage)

With those requirements, it's a damn good thing we like Godin and live in quebec where they're slightly cheaper because we really didn't have a lot of options... especially under 1000$

The pictures aren't great.

Here are the specs from the website:

Mahogany neck
Rosewood Fingerboard
16" fingerboard radius
25 1/2 " Scale
1 11/16 " nut width
Chamber Silver Leaf Maple body
Solid Cedar Top
Godin GHN1 Humbucker
Custom Godin under Saddle Transducer and custom preamp with Volume, Mid, Treble and Bass controls as well as independent volume, treble and bass controls for the Humbucker.
2 output jacks: electric & acoustic mix

For a guitar with so many options, it is really straightforward (which is a bonus since my wife is not tech savvy). The top and bottom sliders are the volume control for the two pickups. The middle sliders are EQ for the piezo and the two knobs are bass and treble for the magnetic pickup.

It has two outputs. If you have only one cable/channel, you plug into the top output and it blends the two pickups, adjustable to taste with the sliders.

If you want to be fancy, when you plug into the two outputs, it splits them one in each. So magnetic to pedals and an amp and piezo to the mixer

A small downside is that the piezo is noticeably quieter than the magnetic pickup. Not a big deal though...

The guitar feels a bit like a telecaster but with a chunkier neck. A bit wider than a strat neck but not much thicker.

The unplugged sound is not as powerful as a regular acoustic but it's definitly louder and better sounding than an unplugged electric. A bit like a hollowbody.

We tried it in the jam space with the rest of the guys and we didn't get any feedback at all, even at earplug levels.

When you plug it in, the magnetic pickups is a bit muted. Perfect for jazz tones but you need to tweak it if you want anything rocky.

Actually you guys can hear for yourself


I recorded this quickly so please don't make fun of my playing.

It's basically one rhythm track and one lead track. Both tracks are actually an acoustic sound and an electric sound.

On the rhythm track, the magnetic sound is going to fade in because I wanted to hear the piezo just by itself for a bit.

There is no EQ on any acoustic tracks. There is a jazz chorus VST on the rhythm magnetic and the slash amplitube VST on the lead magnetic track with a bit of delay.

Please note that I didn't change any settings. No EQ, no knob tweaking, no compression, I just loaded the VST and left as is.

I panned the tracks so we could get an idea of each individual sound.

We bought it for 850$ CAD new at the archambault on st-catherine street in montréal
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Nice! I was looking at one, so I'm happy to see the report. Sounds like a winner of an axe!
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From working in a music shop which carried a range of Godin instruments I have nothing but positive things to say for their entire product line; excellent craftsmanship and quality with a reasonable price tag. Congratulations on a nice find!
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