Just purchased a brand new bugera 333xl infinium from amazon about 2 weeks ago. The amp sounds amazing and has killer tone.

But I'm getting a hiss on all three channels. Even with no cables plugged into the amp it's there. Clean channel is barely noticable. Crunch is pretty bad. Lead is the strange one though. The amp has a built in noise gate that silences the lead channel pretty good but not all of it. But this gate does nothing for the crunch channel.

The hiss goes away when the volume is at zero on every channel.

What could be the problem?
Hard to tell without hearing it myself, but it's probably just the regular background noise you get with high-gain amps. It could also be a result of dodgy power in your building or something causing interference.

In all fairness, I borrowed a Bugera TriRec Infinium for a while and I thought the tone itself was great and I didn't notice it suffering from any more background noise than any other high-gain amplifier.

Try going through these, and if one of these removes the noise then you know it's just the nature of higher-gain, interference or the power in your building:
Reduce the gain but keep the volume up. (Gain noise or interference)
Put the gain halfway between where you normally have it and 0, and reduce the treble/presence. (Gain noise)
Try a different power cable. (Power)
Try a different power socket. (Power)
Try a different room. (Power or interference)
Remove nearby electrical applies. (Interference)
Play with lights and phones off. (Interference)

Once you've ruled out normal power/interference/gain issues, then you can start looking at whether something may be wrong with the amplifier.
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I dialed the gain and treble back and that greatly reduced the hiss but not completely. Does that mean it's just the nature of the beast?

If so, how can one combat this?
Might also be the tubes too. They usually put cheap chinese tubes in there just so that amp works when you get it. A retube for that amp will probably be around $150, but it will be easy because with the Infinium you can just plug new tubes in without biasing because the amp does it for you.

A nice set of JJs in the pre and Sovteks in the power section will do you fine for ultra high gain stuff.
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Yeah that makes sense too. Thanks for your input and help guys! I appreciate the quick responses.
thats new for issues already. SOME (emphisis) will send free replacement tubes if you have ordered in the last like 15 or 30 days or something. probably not bugera, but call the dealer, you never know.
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Buy some decent preamp tubes for it.
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I used to have a burgera 333xl, 6260, and 6262. The 333 always seemed to hiss even when replacing the tubes with JJs. Although the amp itself sounded quite a bit better. I think it's normal.
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