You know the king of surf guitar who plays Misirlou and other amazing songs? He is 76 now and still plays gigs. How does he play so fast for his age?? I just find it amazing, thats all. (No offense to old people xD)
masturbation, he said so in an interview last month

furious furious masturbation
It's over simplified, So what!

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Big ones can be fun in some ways but generally, they are a pain in the ass.
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I don't know what is going on in this thread or why I have an erection.
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masturbation, he said so in an interview last month

furious furious masturbation

Serious? Link?
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Rest in Peace, Troy Davis and Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis and Eric Garner and Mike Brown
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didn't les paul play all the time at 90 years old


Anybody know if Clyde Stubblefield is still around?
its pre-recorded cause he has no talent #macbookpro

Years of practice. Do you think he would have gotten worse after playing all this time?

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Warned for trolling!

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In all seriousness, he eats/lives pretty well, and if you actually compare his old recordings to his new renditions, he has indeed lost a bit of his endurance.
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I was all prepared to post something sad about how Clyde Stubblefield was no longer with us, but guess what?!?!?! Dude's still alive. Suck it Brits and anybody else who isn't funky and isn't from Wisconsin.
wisconsin is lame

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wisconsin is lame


Dude you're a '14er stop it

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Dude you're a '14er stop it

This thread topic is gold. I've been on this website for 8 years and I've never come up with anything like this. So yeah. Great job TS.
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Serious? Link?
Not sure if a sig is a necessity.
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I'm with him. Dylan better stand and deliver.

TS is a good TS. I just hope he knows what TS means, because...

...I could use a newbie to cuddle with...