I would love to start a metal band that spreads the message of Christianity. In short, I want to do what Mortification did. My passion is older, extreme styles of metal, like death metal, thrash metal, and black metal, which will most likely be what genre(s) the band turns out to be. I'm trying to avoid having to become one of those metalcore or deathcore bands, because that's all that comes out, these days. Nothing against them, they're doing a great job, but where's that raw, energetic older style? I won't mind starting as one of those -core bands, as long as we can throw in some older styles. I can do all instruments and vocals, so if you play anything, growl/scream, or sing with a good harsh rasp/grit like those old thrash bands, let me know. My goal is to reach out to metalheads, punks, rockers, and anyone else found in that culture. People are reaching the youth with -core stuff, what about we in our 20s, the young adults? If you respond more to that heavier, more creative, energetic metal, you know what I mean. Let me know if you're interested!
slightly messed up question to ask on ultimate-GUITAR forums maybe...
but what do you play? got any links of your playing? and are you up for an online project...

I've got a "Divine Thrash Metal" project myself... its not Chistian metal by any means.. think maybe something like Soulfly..... would love to collaborate with other musicians

Damn, I'm in the UK! I would have loved to be a part of this.
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