Hi people,

Just brought a Line6 500x today and am having software issues - to the point I wish I hadnt wasted my money on this POS.

I have downloaded the current drivers (v4.2.6.9), USB firmware (v1.01) and Line6 Monkey (v1.65) software.

However - I cannot perform a Flash Memory update without getting Unable to download the flash memory (current 1.0) via Monkey. Get error code 8007211 Firmware timed out.

Also, HD Pod Edit (v2.23) issues. Upon opening It asks if I would like to transfer patches. Upon clicking Yes I then get another message saying error transferring patches (Code 8000000a). I am not able to see any patches in Edit.

Have tried 3 different USB Ports, resetting my notebook, trying to download the Flash Update via file and powering on when holding down the left arrow key - however nothing works and I am unable to return to factory presets or get the Pod to see HD Edit.

I have also posted over on the Line6 Forums.

Any help anyone ? I am really frustrated and very disappointed in this product. I may actually see if I can return it.