Long time no see my friends, but I am back with some new stuff. Today, I want to show you my new cover, namely, Meltdown. This is not an exact note-for-note cover, but an interpretation. I hope you enjoy the track. Feel free to comment, subscribe YT, like on FB

Hey man!

It's seriously amazing. Great job on the rhythm and lead track. Very clean sweeping skills! And the mix is just perfect. May I ask what do you use to record? The only thing I would point out is that I feel like your bends lack a bit of vibrato and come out a little static. That's just my two cents though, the rest is amazing!

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Thank you for your comment. It means a lot to me. As regards the recording I am using the following gear:

Behringer UCG102 (usb device)
Amplitube 3
Apple MacBook Pro


Ibanez RG570 (JPN)
Cort Kx1q (with Bill Lawrence Dimebag Set on board)

Hope that it helps
Nice cover! I r recently been listening to time odyssey.
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It's a good effort. I love that you tackled such a difficult song, and I love the song as well, its a magnificent composition, that I can't play to save my life . However I do have some reservations.

First, let talk some technique, I think you need a little more wide vibrato when bending strings, it would make it sound better, especially when doing the pinch harmonics on the main rhythm as well as in some of the lead parts.

Rhythm wise, it needs to be tighter, the palm mutes need to be more apparent and you're off time a little bit when playing the main rhythm.

Lead wise, here's the main issue that I find with the way that you play the song. It sounds like its falling down the stairs a little bit. In my opinion you need to go back and make the lead lines a little stronger. On a positive note, you can play, and I'm sure you can play very well, but you need to own that song. You've got the talent for it because you know the material, now all you have to do is grab the composition by balls and play it like its your bitch. You got it, all you need to do is refine it.

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Dude, that was an awesome comment. Thank you! I really appreciate the fact that you've paid some attention to the way I perform this track etc. I will definitely write your comment down, analyse it bit by bit, and do something about it. This was a really elaborate feedback. If you are interested see my other covers, I would be really grateful.

Hey man, this is by far my favorite vinnie moore song, you're playing was very good for all of the fast parts, and for the most part your bends were good, however, i think that some could have been better. Overall though, sick sick playing man!!
Nice playing and really nice tone you got there! Nothing to complain about here really.
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awesome playing man! really enjoyed it. The only thing I would say would be to watch your pick hand/fret hand sync during the sweep taps and fast descents!
Amazing man , great technique , great sound and tone !
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Dang, I watched it a few times listening closely to everything and hard pressed to find much to crit on. Two questions though, did you record the lead as a single track, or panned double? and is there bass track? or might just be my headphones not picking up the low end.

I would appreciate some feedback on my cover from someone of your level, if you have time. I am pretty new to recording and setting up tones so looking for some good crit. Just wish I could have been more helpful with yours. Noob knows only so much
Wow, man, that's an amazing cover! One of my favourite songs! I think, everyone can see that you actually feel every note you play! Great guitar tone and, although I prefer a bit of distortion on the bass, I really really dig the warm sounding bass of the track!
Well done and keep on the great work!

P.S.: Is this pinky actually bending the string?? Wtf, man? Awesome! xD
Thank you for all the comments! Keep it up!

Johnny - Yes, it is my pinky
imo. The only way this work could be improved is if you would play with a real amp ,live, with a band . Ive never heard the song and am not very interested in playing like this. I do like to listen to shred once in awhile because its fun to hear and deserves to be heard. I too ,bend with the pinky but not as much since the finger has started to bend inward and get a little painful . Maybe you do it different than me . I fuse my ring and pinky together to form a big strong finger and bend with the string touching just the pinky. I listened to a few more songs of yours on youtube . regards and respect
Thanks for the crit! Good job man. The only thing that I think could be improved is the vibrato, but personally I just prefer wider vibrato. Awesome cover overall! \m/